National Poisons Information Centre

The National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC) provides a 24 hour service to assist doctors and healthcare professionals in the management of poisoning. We also operate a dedicated Public Poisons Information Line between 8am and 10pm for members of the public who are concerned about accidental poisoning.

Our team includes 6 Specialists in Poisons Information who all have post-graduate training in Medical Toxicology. Our Clinical Director is a consultant anesthetist and together we provide specialised information about acute and chronic poisoning.

In addition, we collect product information from manufacturers to assist in the treatment of poisoned patients.

All patient records in the Poisons Information Centre are confidential. Telephone calls are recorded and data is stored electronically for clinical governance and training purposes.


Mission Statement of the National Poisons Information Centre

The National Poisons Information Centre’s mission is to provide evidence-based medical advice on the management of acute poisoning to healthcare professionals and members of the public.

  • We aim to provide high quality, professional, compassionate, and patient-centered advice to ensure the best care for poisoned patients in the most appropriate setting.
  • We conduct epidemiological research and real-time surveillance to look for emerging poisoning trends.
  • We actively engage in public awareness and educational activities to promote poison prevention practices and improve public health.
  • We work with regulatory agencies to help make sure regulations are followed, and collaborate with healthcare agencies to raise awareness of the dangers of poisons.
  • We maintain strong ties with our colleagues in Poisons Centers internationally to promote knowledge exchange, research collaborations, and share best practices to enhance the quality of our service.
  • We embrace a culture of continuous learning, quality improvement, and innovation to enhance our services to provide the best possible service.