UK Companies

Under the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol, the EU CLP Regulation will apply in Northern Ireland and chemical mixtures placed on the market in Northern Ireland must comply with the EU CLP Regulation. Companies placing chemical mixtures on the market in both Ireland and Northern Ireland must notify their mixtures in both countries.

Can UK companies notify products after 1st January 2021?

Companies established in Northern Ireland can use the ECHA Submission portal to notify mixtures to be placed on the EU/EEA market. However, when placing mixtures on the Northern Ireland market the UK national system will have to be used instead.

Mixture suppliers in other parts of the United Kingdom (‘Great Britain’) have the option of moving their operations related to the mixture to a legal entity within the EU (who can be the formulator or the importer). Alternatively, they can support their EU customers by providing the necessary information to allow them to comply with the submission obligations.

If you have queries about the implementation of Article 45 and Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation specifically in Northern Ireland, please contact the UK Department of Health and Social Care at Information can also be found at

Questions about registration of biocidal or related products in Northern Ireland should be directed to the UK Health and Safety Executive, see

More detailed information can be found on the UK withdrawal from the EU by clicking here.