Antidote List

The NPIC currently recommends the use of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) and National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) Guideline on Antidote Availability for Emergency Departments .

The latest version of the RCEM and NPIS Guideline (on Antidote Availability for Emergency Departments can be found on the RCEM website under the “NPIS Guidelines”

Stock levels and storage recommendations from the RCEM and NPIS are available at the same link.

These documents are intended to aid in decisions regarding antidote holding and not to provide information on the treatment of specific patients. Information on the management of specific patients can be found by calling the NPIC on 01 809 2566 or on toxbase.


When using these guidelines, Irish hospital pharmacies should note:

1. These guidelines reference formal arrangements in the UK for the supply of Category C Antidotes. This does not apply to hospital pharmacies in Ireland. Currently, there are no formal arrangements for antidote stocking in Ireland and no National Antidote Holding Centre. If you are looking to source an antidote, we recommend contacting your pharmacy in the first instance and if unavailable other pharmacies within your Hospital Group. Should you require further assistance please contact the NPIC on 01 809 2566.

2. Andexanet Alfa is included in the antidote list as it is now available. Hospitals considering stocking Andexanet Alfa should consult with their local haematologist. The HSE has published a guideline on Andexanet Alfa, accessible here (

3. ViperaTAb/Viperfav do not need to be held in hospitals in Ireland. Should you require urgent access to anti-venom, please contact the NPIC directly on 01 809 2566

4. These documents are guidelines. Higher stock levels may be required, and individual pharmacies should determine the amount of each antidote stocked based on the epidemiology of poisoning presentations in their hospital.


Page last updated 6/6/2024