Educational Resources

Click on the images below to download our award-winning educational materials.  Copies of our ABC of Poisoning Poster, Poison Prevention Guidelines leaflets, and Poison Centre Key Fobs can be ordered online free of charge from
(search under ‘Safety and accident prevention’)

ABC of Poisoning Poster

– Important information on what to do in an emergency in an easy to remember format.



Poisons Prevention Guidelines

Tips on how to keep children safe from poisoning in the home.



   Poisons Centre Key Fobs

  – Key fobs with the Poisons Centre telephone number can be kept on a key chain or stored in a wallet for convenience. Key fobs are available from under the category Safety and Accident Prevention.

Poisons Information Centre Publications – Say No to Poisons

‘Say NO to Poisons’ Book: A children’s book featuring two short stories about two inquisitive pre-schoolers, Ben and Amy, who learn about the dangers of poisons and how to stay safe.
Learning Plan: A guide for childcare professionals, care givers, parents and guardians to help introduce poisons awareness and safety to pre-school children.
Activity Sheets to encourage discussion and reflective learning with pre-school children.
Colouring Page for children to complete with activity sheets
‘Ben and Amy’ poster: for the classroom wall to reinforce the safety message about Poisons Awareness.
Say No to Poisons Slide show: an interactive teaching aid with photographs of household products, medicine, mushrooms, and plants. Repetition of the catchphrase on each slide helps to reinforce learning.
Safety signs for the home and classroom to engage children in poisons awareness exercises.
Parents Consent Form to accompany the Say No to Poisons programme for classroom environments.