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NPIC Research

Liquid Laundry Detergent Capsule / Pod Study

The National Poisons Information Centre (NPIC) is starting a 2 year study in May 2024, looking at exposures to liquid laundry detergent capsules / pods in children aged 3 years or under. The study aims to understand how these accidents occur and which type of packaging the laundry detergent capsules / pods were in at the time of the accidental exposure.

If you or your doctor contact the NPIC for advice following exposure to certain laundry detergent capsules /pods, we will invite you and your child to take part in the study. If you consent to take part, we will phone you a few days after the accident to answer a short questionnaire. The questions we will ask include:

  • the name of the product involved?
  • what happened?
  • if symptoms developed?
  • if your child needed to be seen by a doctor and what the outcome was?

We will send a link to an information leaflet with details of the study and a copy of the study consent form to your mobile phone before calling you. We will never share your or your child’s personal data with a third party and we will store it securely in the NPIC office. We will keep your data for one year after the end of the study, and then destroy it securely.

You can download the information leaflet here.

You can download the study consent form here.